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May we all grow wise and helpful with Menla. If you have connected with Menla, and would like to share your story, please send it on.

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Jim Sacamano

Medicine Buddha is VERY

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HAPPY! You may ask why. Does he have a really sexy sports car, or a boat or plane? Does he have a beautiful penthouse apartment in the most chic part of town?  NO! He, She and They are happy because they are ensconced in non-duality, so nothing is ever out of place, and at the same time are completely at the service of others. His, hers, and their whole being is dedicated to helping others in whatever way is needed. This is the recipe for complete, endless happiness. They have it and so can we if we tune our mind and open our heart to...

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The illness is the fuel for the lamp of health

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Recently I met with a friend who had taught Zen for years and we were discussing healing in the Zen tradition. He said, “The illness is the cure.” That was it! I loved the idea. I pondered this and began to think that at least part of healing is how working with the karma behind our illness helps us go beyond the illness in time. At some point I began to wonder if we could see Medicine Buddha as not just a similar approach to healing, which of course it is, but beyond that as a icon of health itself. The Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche told...

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There is one secret to harnessing the healing power of Menla most effectively. Any Menla practice will benefit in some way. But, to get the most benefit, to really transform your issue into a healing path, it is very important to recognize that Menla is real. He is not just a figment of our imagination, though we can leave it at that if we wish. He is as real as we are ourselves. Now, from a deep perspective, nothing is totally real, but if we look at effect and place in the world, Menla is more real than we ourselves are. He has been seen by...

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Love in Many Forms

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Medicine Buddha is a summation of many forms of love for all sentient beings. His entire being is dedicated to helping us with the ordinary challenges of life. If we ask, we will get some form of help. We may not be able to say what form that help will take, but we will get help in an important, meaningful way. No matter what your problem, you can find some relief with Menla. The help may just be for us to get unstuck from issues and behaviors that are holding us down in pain. Getting free from those problems  in any way we can is great. But...

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It is good to practice when you feel ill, but even better when

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things seem fine. There are many reasons for this. First, ordinary health is temporary. No one can be well forever. Someday we will need healing but we may be too ill to ask for it then. So it can be better to prepare for illness when you are well. Just as we generally don’t wait to buy health insurance till we are at death’s door, it is good to think and plan ahead. If we practice Menla when we feel well, then it will come naturally to us when we need it. It will be our second nature. Second, Menla is a social practice. We do...

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Menla, The Bright Light of Social Healing

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Menla is the essential social healer. All humans, regardless of race, gender, physical appearance or mental outlook, have a Menla within. All of us have a vision of getting well, of living well, of being a wholesome refraction of a healthy universe. Each of us is different and the same together. All our problems are unique and shared. Every bit of our strengths and wisdoms are common property if we see clearly. One good thought powers all the lights of life as far as we can see. If we practice Medicine Buddha when we are ill, we can see the...

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The Awesome Power of Mantra

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I recently came across an article by Jill Bormann et al where she describes the use of manta as a support for well-being of health care workers. She reports considerable benefits for spiritual well-being and mindfulness. Benefits have also been reported for veterans with PTSD. The approach to mantra being used is described in a book called Strength in the Storm, by E. Eswaren, where he suggests that a person use whatever mantra of whatever spiritual tradition feels best to them. The main thing seems to be that the mantra offer some way to...

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Medicine Buddha is Big Health

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Years ago, in his landmark book, Zen Mind Beginners Mind, the great Suzuki Roshi talked about big mind. The origin of the word Bud means big, big enough to hold everything in love. Medicine Buddha has that same quality of big, big enough to hold whatever we have to deal with in a healing way. Medicine Buddha helps us hold our problems and our healing path as the basic elements for healing everyone and everything in the universe. It is really important to remember that. When we practice Menla, sure, we hope to get better ourselves, but doing...

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A Medicine Buddha Empowerment with HH. The 14th Dalai Lama

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Dear Friends, I have recently received a link to a Medicine Buddha empowerment by The Dalai Lama which I would like to share with you here. I am so grateful to be able to see and share this. I remember when I first received the  empowerment from The Ven. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche in 1999. At that time, I think it was unusual for this to be given in public, but since then public transmissions have become the norm. Of course, it is best to receive an empowerment from a teacher with whom you really feel a connection, but any contact with Menla...

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Yes, but I can’t visualize

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Knowing that one cannot visualize is an excellent starting place. We all start there.   I have a friend who is an artist who claims to be unable to visualize. How can an artist not visualize? Maybe every thing we see is a visualization, but one that we are so used to that we forget we are doing it. And with Menla, the idea may be to just try to get into the experience as much as possible and then forget you are trying. Then, at some point, a sense of Menla’s form can arise from within. It is not exactly us causing that sense. It is...

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