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Jim Sacamano

How Menla supports health care practitioners

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I am happy to announce the publication of our new article on Menla called, Medicine Buddha, a Transdual Support for Health Care Practitioners in the Journal of Religion and Health. You may access the article here:  More later.

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Balanced Healing

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Healing with Menla is balanced between just relieving ordinary life suffering and relieving the ultimate, ongoing suffering of samsara. Ordinary life suffering comes and goes and may even seem to end with death. But the suffereing of samsara is endless we cultivate a wakeful state of mind. The means of accomplishing these ordinarily seem quite different. For one, we take medicines. For the other we meditate.  When we practice Menla, we apply a spiritual medicine, and we meditate on great enlightenment.

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Primordial Purity—a correction

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I would like to acknowledge that there is an error in the commentary that I have written as a support for the Medicine Buddha practice. The practice text mentions Primordial Purity as a source of offerings we make to Menla in the practice, and as the place where we rest at the end of the practice. In my commentary, I describe Primordial Purity as based in the heart. In actuality, this term refers to a completely fresh, clear and unfettered state of mind. In this mind-state, one sees all the world in its natural brilliance and wholesomeness,...

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The Truth is

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we are usually pretending we see our visualization when we first start practice. This idea was presented last week by Lama Wangchuk Topen who was appointed by the 17th Karmapa to uphold the teaching activities of The Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche. It was an interesting point. We usually start out with curiosity, or inspiration, or doubt, or all of these and more, but also a willingness to see what happens. If we keep going, we find that our mind opens a bit to a new view of reality. We can see a wholeness, or an energy of luminosity we could not see...

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Putting First Things First

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We may have a case of mistaken priorities. Perhaps we put little focus on innate, original health till some challenge arises, such as an illness, and then that challenge becomes a problem. If we instead kept some focus on original health, when challenges arise, they might not be so much a problem after all. Those challenges might be just more food for our true-life growth.

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Your First Religion

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Being non-binary, Medicine Buddha not only does not conflict with your first religion—assuming you had one— but can add to the power of that experience as well. This is because any rigid beliefs we might have, even those we were taught as a child, in addition to referring to what may be very  helpful truths, can make our minds rigid as well. And if our mind is rigid, our life can be rigid. Menla does not try to supplant other religions but rather to support them. It does this by helping us realize in a very personal way that truth, health,...

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I have recently discovered that I made a mistake in the commentary on how to practice the details of the Medicine Buddha sadhana. In particular, at stanza 11, and at the very end of the sadhana, there is mention of the expanse of Primordial Purity. When I had prepared the commentary, I had understood that this lies within our heart. But I have since discovered that the expanse of Primordial Purity may be referring to a way of appreciating experience as much as a location. Thus, when we recognize the purity within our own mind, Primordial...

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At some point I suggested in the commentary on the sadhana practice that Primordial Purity is based in the heart. That was incorrect. Primordial Purity is beyond concept and particular locale, and so in essence is everywhere. It may be seen more correctly, perhaps, as a way of being or seeing that is beyond corruption. It is pure. We are pure. Our experience is pure when  we know we are Menla.

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Luminous Harmony

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Health pervades all experience, inner and outer, and if we understand health we can work with it to help it manifest in ways we need. First, the entire universe is a great mandala of health. If we know how to look, we can see that everything fits in its place. And on the inside, we are Buddha. We are made of transcendent awareness. This is all great but we can have problems when these two versions of health are not well aligned. That is what Medicine Buddha practice can do for us. It can help us all the forces of health into one great...

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Going Further with Balance

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Last time we talked about balancing symptomatic improvement for our issue with a shift in attitude that includes being ok with whatever we have and whatever life brings. In the Buddist tradition we call that working with our karma. No blame on anyone. It is just pure mechanics of how life works. But there is more to it than that. Medicine Buddha helps us go beyond what is called binary thinking all together. We learn to disengage from extreme forms of thinking and belief. We see how extreme thinking is an attempt to kill the actual creativity...

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