Medicine Buddha Today

East, Blue Wisdom

Blue—Making Workable Contact with Our Life


Blue FlowersThis Wisdom is associated with the color blue, the season of winter, the direction of East, and the element of water. The Buddha that represents all these in human-like form is known as Akshobya, a title that means something like Indestructible. He is sitting in lotus posture and touching Earth with his right hand. The wisdom he is portraying is called Mirror Like Wisdom, suggesting that in the long run, the world we see is the world we make. When we do our practice, we see things more clearly.


The central issue this wisdom expresses is how we make friends with our world and our actual life, just as it is, and then getting to work to help self and others. You can read about how we can sometimes seem to get stuck in this energy on page 143 and 147 of my book, GBTW, and some ways to work with it on pages 156-159.