Medicine Buddha Today

Love in Many Forms

Posted on Nov 15, 2018

Medicine Buddha is a summation of many forms of love for all sentient beings. His entire being is dedicated to helping us with the ordinary challenges of life. If we ask, we will get some form of help. We may not be able to say what form that help will take, but we will get help in an important, meaningful way. No matter what your problem, you can find some relief with Menla. The help may just be for us to get unstuck from issues and behaviors that are holding us down in pain. Getting free from those problems  in any way we can is great. But beyond that, Menla helps us get free from the stress of dualistic fixation. That is the main and biggest and ultimate problem we all face. And help with this is the ultimate help we can ever receive.

So Menla helps us in ordinary life issues and in the ultimate issue of what life means to us. There is nothing better. And on top of all that, Menla NEVER is angry with us, never disappointed, never upset. Menla just send pure, unshakable love for us. He transcends all theory and traditions. He is pure love.