Medicine Buddha Today


Posted on Nov 22, 2018

There is one secret to harnessing the healing power of Menla most effectively. Any Menla practice will benefit in some way. But, to get the most benefit, to really transform your issue into a healing path, it is very important to recognize that Menla is real. He is not just a figment of our imagination, though we can leave it at that if we wish. He is as real as we are ourselves.

Now, from a deep perspective, nothing is totally real, but if we look at effect and place in the world, Menla is more real than we ourselves are. He has been seen by millions of people over centuries at least, and in many world cultures. He is as real as real can really be. He is more real than our problem which will someday fade into oblivion. He is the health underlying all experience, the health that is there through thick and thin. And when we know this in our heart, he is victory. His healing power shines most brightly where and as it is needed.

Good luck and practice. It will help.